Corporate Governance

Corporate governance is described as the systems of rules, practices, and processes by which companies are governed. and ensures that companies follow an appropriate and transparent decision-making process, and that the interests of all stakeholders and shareholders are protected. The company’s board of directors and executive senior management strives to build long-term relationships and commitment among various Nakilat’s stakeholders to meet the company’s goals and objectives, and to stand in support of our sustainable success based on strong principles of governance.

Nakilat believes that adopting best governance practices and standards will enable us to realize transparency, integrity, and trust in our financial statements and thereby enhance the confidence of debtors, lenders, and shareholders in the company, as well as assist investors to make well-informed investment decisions. Nakilat identifies governance as a framework to align the interests of all our stakeholders behind its purpose to unlock the power of delivering clean and reliable energy to enhance quality of life for everyone around the world.

Recognizing the relationship between good governance and sound financial performance, Nakilat strives to adhere to leading and best governance practices and complies with Qatar Financial Markets Authority (QFMA) governance code. Nakilat’s issued governance report has been prepared in compliance with QFMA governance code reflecting Nakilat’s effort to meet all relevant regulatory requirements, and it is shared with all concerned stakeholders and the public on Nakilat’s website.


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