Nakilat regularly publishes public tenders in local newspapers and on this website for the supply of equipment, materials and services for various departments and companies within the Group.

There is no pre-registration required for suppliers and contractors to participate in the open tender. Suppliers and contractors interested in participating must ensure to pay the full amount of fee mention in the advertisement.

Interested tender participants are required to:

  • Deposit the fee first to the specific bank account detail of Qatar Gas Transport Company Bank Account mentioned in the tender advert. Tenderer must mention the Company’s full name and Tender Reference on the Bank Deposit Slip.
  • Once payment has been processed, Participants must provide the proof of payment / Bank Deposit Slip to as well as the contract officer’s name mentioned in advertisement before the closing date.
  • No queries will be entertained, or bids received from entities, who have not purchased tender documents in compliance with the instructions given in the tender advertisement.