The shipbuilding activities at the Erhama Bin Jaber Al Jalahma Shipyard are managed by Nakilat Damen Shipyards Qatar (NDSQ). Established in  2010, NDSQ is a joint venture between Nakilat and world-renowned shipbuilder Damen Shipyards Group. The company focuses on the construction of steel, aluminum and glass reinforced plastic (GRP) boats, up to a length of 170m. Its production capability includes a complete range of commercial vessels, such as tugs, offshore supply boats and cargo vessels, as well as naval vessels, yacht support and mega yachts. Repair and extensive refit services for all types of luxury yachts can also be undertaken by NDSQ.


Construction hall measuring 270m by 65m

Assembly hall of 180m in length consisting of four bays

Load-out and recovery barge with 10,500-tonne lifting capacity

Outfitting pier of 400m in length equipped with a 30-tonne crane